Samsung Galaxy S23

Las funciones de Galaxy AI llegarán al Galaxy S23. Algunas faltan

Samsung has prepared several really great solutions that use artificial intelligence to improve and simplify the use of smartphones. Unfortunately, currently all of these features are only available on the latest generation of Samsung devices, but it was announced from the beginning that they would also be available on older models. Now we know for sure what will definitely be included on them. As seen in the attached graphic, the Galaxy S23 will basically include all four new options.

Circle to Search allows you to circle or select anything on the screen and start a Google search for the selected item. Live Translate offers real-time translations of phone conversations. Meanwhile, Note Assist helps create AI summaries and provides automatic formatting. Lastly, Photo Assist introduces generative editing features to the Gallery app.

There is no mention of generative wallpapers, chat assistant, or transcription assistant. It is not clear whether these options will be available only on the Galaxy S24 or whether Samsung plans to introduce them on older devices as well. Samsung previously announced that the artificial intelligence features will be available on the mentioned smartphones from the Galaxy S23 series, as well as the Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5, and the Galaxy Tab S9 tablet. However, users of the Galaxy S22 should not expect to receive the update.


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