YouTube Feature: Color Filtering

YouTube is testing a very strange algorithm. It’s the dumbest video recommendation

The film resources on YouTube are enormous, and the platform’s algorithms are usually smart enough to provide users with suggestions tailored to their interests, eliminating the need for extensive content searching. However, in practice, we often end up with content from channels we’ve already seen. It seems that Google, the platform’s operator, now sees the need for further optimization and is introducing new filtering options.

In Google’s latest initiative, they have opted for a rather unusual approach. The color of what? It’s not entirely clear, but it’s most likely referring to the thumbnail of the material, and perhaps also the video content.

Users have the option to choose between red, green, and blue. The filter seems to be limited to the dominant color, which limits the number of available videos, as it is rare for a film to be dominated by just one color. Does this make sense?

Well, it’s rare for the dominant color of a film to provide information about its content, so displaying only “red” or only “blue” films leads to a rather random mix of content. The goal Google sees behind this search option remains unknown. It is also unclear how extensively Google is testing the new feature and how many users have access to it.

According to reports, YouTube notifies selected users about the new feature through a special message. After selecting one of the colors, it appears at the top of the screen on the filter bar and highlights in the chosen color, standing out from the other filters.


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