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Avoided the military, now heading to prison. Caught him in PUBG

The matter began in 2018, but only now has it reached its conclusion. It was quite a high-profile case, as it reached the Korean Supreme Court, which had to handle the matter after numerous appeals from lower courts.

This was an unprecedented case in South Korea, a country that takes both military service and computer game culture very seriously. It all started when a young South Korean citizen avoided military conscription, citing pacifist beliefs.

At the same time, he was an active player of PUBG, a game that involves eliminating enemies using a realistic modern arsenal of weapons. In 2018, a court ruled that the young Korean had attempted to cheat the state authorities and sentenced him to 18 months in prison, the same length as the mandatory military service.

However, an appeal was allowed, and it has taken over 5 years from the initial incident for the Korean Supreme Court to issue a final verdict. The court upheld the original decision, sentencing the PUBG fan to one and a half years in prison for evading military service.

This case demonstrates that legal matters can take years to resolve, not just in Poland. The article includes advertising links from our partner.


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