In my neighbor’s garage I found a nuclear missile. These things only happen in the USA.

The text included advertising links from our partner. The fact that it is legal to own a firearm in the United States means that bomb disposal units there probably have a lot more work than, for example, similar units in Poland. However, we suspect that even they did not expect that during one of their interventions, they would be examining a Cold War-era missile in the house of a resident of Bellevue in the western part of the USA. As it turns out, the man who had the missile in his possession wanted to donate it to the US Air Force museum, and the weapon originally belonged to his deceased neighbor.

The museum then notified the local police station, which sent a bomb disposal team to the scene. The missile will be restored and transferred to the museum. How did such a missile end up in the hands of civilians? Literally yesterday, on February 5, we celebrated the 66th anniversary of an incident when a B-52 bomber dropped a Mk-15 bomb after colliding in mid-air with an F-86 fighter jet.


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