SWAT Team Competition in Chile

Female SWAT team’s embarrassing performance in competition. Retrieving weapons from the pool.

The text contains promotional links from our partner. In an unprecedented move, Chile decided to field an all-female SWAT team in international competition, marking a noteworthy step towards gender inclusivity in law enforcement.

Chile is one of the more progressive countries in this regard, as in 2020 they included the first woman in a mixed-gender team representing the country. However, this time the all-female team turned out to be a total failure.

In the competition held in the United Arab Emirates, the five-member teams had to overcome obstacle courses while carrying standard equipment, including both short and long firearms. One of the obstacles was a zip line over a pool, a challenge familiar from many playgrounds in Poland.

It seemed like an easy task for trained officers. In practice, however, the competitors started off with too small of a gap between them, resulting in four out of five falling into the water.

To make matters worse, some of the women… lost their firearms, which had to be retrieved from the pool. Ultimately, the Chilean officers managed to overcome the obstacle, but it took them nearly 6 minutes, which is undoubtedly a humiliating result for the formation.


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