Redmi Note 13 Pro

What smartphone for 1500 zł? We recommend the best mid-range smartphones

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Undoubtedly, one of the most important elements of a smartphone is the screen. OLED matrices not only guarantee high image quality, but are also more readable in sunny days. Moreover, a faster refresh rate makes all system animations smoother.

Initially, one may not notice the difference, but after getting used to the increased fluency, going back to a 60 Hz screen is unpleasant. Another essential element of a smartphone is the processor. Those installed in models around 1500 PLN usually offer sufficiently good performance, and if you are not a hardcore gamer, the differences between them are quite negligible. The most popular processors in this price range are: Snapdragon 695, Snapdragon 700 series, and MediaTek Dimensity.

We want to pay special attention to one of them: Snapdragon 695. The issue with it is not the performance and energy efficiency, but the image processor responsible for the quality of photos and videos. Smartphones equipped with it cannot record 4K resolution videos and do not handle high-resolution cameras very well, which affects the speed and quality of photos. One way to stand out from the crowd in their case has become the mounting of an increasingly large number of photo modules with the highest total number of pixels.

A prime example of this are macro cameras with a 2 or 5 MP resolution, which provide lower image quality than a crop from a photo taken with the main lens of the phone. The total number of cameras often includes a TOF module, which is supposed to assist the operation of the main camera’s portrait mode, but does not guarantee its high quality. Similarly, a main camera with a resolution of 30 or even 50 MP does not necessarily take better photos than a competing device with a main camera with a 12 MP sensor. In fact, it could mean something completely different because increasing the number of mounted cameras often results in the average quality of each of them having to be lower in order to keep the final price in check.

A set of three high-class rear cameras (standard, telephoto, and wide-angle) is something that can only be found in significantly higher-class devices. If a model for 1500 PLN entices with four or even five rear cameras, be careful not to be fooled. In addition, a solid battery life, support for fast charging, and even a headphone jack and an infrared port. In short, one of the best specifications and functionalities among phones around 1500 PLN.

Disadvantages? Lack of real water resistance (only splash resistance), a rather symbolic ultra-wide camera, and for many people, Xiaomi’s system overlay. Despite this, it is definitely one of the most cost-effective devices in this class, although its price fluctuates greatly depending on whether it is currently on sale or not. In exchange, you gain a more compact and handy design, a much better ultra-wide camera, wireless charging, full water resistance (IP68), and easier-to-manage software.

In short, the Redmi Note 13 Pro is recommended for people who care about the best possible specifications of their phone and the quality of the main camera, while the Motorola Edge 40 is recommended for people who just want a solid, user-friendly smartphone that will handle at least everyday situations well.


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