Razer Mouse Bungee V3 Chroma

Five Interesting Mouse Bungee – Gadgets not only for Gamers

This text was created in the Content Commerce editorial office and contains advertising links from our partner. The device eliminates the problem of tangled cables, thanks to its flexible arm that holds the mouse cable in a rubber grip.

This increases freedom of movement and minimizes unwanted resistance during fast maneuvers. In addition, Axis is not limited to just the bungee function.

It also comes with three additional USB ports and a microSD slot for connecting additional devices. This not only makes it easier to manage workspace but also significantly expands the functionality of the computer setup.

If you only need to use Axis as a USB hub, the bungee arm can be detached. It provides smooth and comfortable movements during intense gaming sessions or office work.

Its adjustable design allows for individual adjustment of the cable tension, offering the possibility to change the height of the holder. The stability of the device on the desk is ensured by non-slip feet covered with a rubber coating, preventing it from moving even during dynamic movements.

The universality of the clips, which are compatible with cables of various thicknesses, is also important. The gadget is ready to use immediately after unpacking, allowing you to enjoy its benefits right away.

Its flexible arm with a cable clip, covered in rubber, is compatible with most mouse cables – whether rubber or braided. Thanks to its heavy, anti-slip base, the Razer Mouse Bungee V3 Chroma remains stable and stationary even during intense gameplay.

The gadget can be integrated with Razer Chroma RGB, offering 16.8 million colors and countless patterns, allowing for full customization of the illumination. With its help, you can maneuver the mouse more efficiently without the risk of tangled cables.

The device’s solid and stable arm allows for easy cable routing and adjustment. Despite its low price, it features pulsating LED lighting that perfectly complements a gaming setup.

This gadget is not limited to just the mouse bungee function, but also offers additional features, such as a microSD card reader and USB hub functionality. Thanks to the adjustable arm, users can adjust the cable height to their individual preferences.

There are also flexible rubber grips to easily and securely fasten cables of any thickness. This model works best with the Glorious Model O gaming mouse, but it is versatile enough to also work with others.

The gadget is compact in size, so it can be easily taken with you. Also check out higher-end wired mice.


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