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Does Apple MacOS work better than Windows? Debunking the common myth

There are several myths surrounding MacOS. One of these myths is that MacOS is a closed system exclusively designed for Apple hardware with specific components. This has led to the belief that pre-installed applications are maximally optimized and run more efficiently and faster than programs on Windows.

However, it turns out that this is only true in certain situations. In many other cases, external software performs significantly better, and computers with Intel or AMD processors can provide much higher performance. For instance, performance tests of the M2 Max system evaluated the responsiveness of internet webpages depending on the selected browser.

In the case of the MacBook Pro 14, the situation looks different in a browser test like Octane, which measures JavaScript engine performance. There are also noticeable differences when compressing files, such as in the Cinebench R20 test, which is based on software for professional 3D scene rendering. This allowed us to assess the significant impact of emulating the x86 environment on performance during video encoding in popular software like Handbrake 1.3.3 (version 1.5.1 and newer already natively support Apple chips).


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