Atmosphere Search

Google Maps with an interesting enhancement. It will change the way you search

From now on, you will be able to literally type in the atmosphere of the place you want to go to, and Maps will suggest appropriate locations. For example, typing “vintage places in San Francisco” will search for places with that atmosphere.

But that’s not all, because if you then type “lunch,” Google will suggest restaurants with a vintage atmosphere. Google assures that this will also work in much more niche topics, making the app an even better tool for finding inspiration.

This feature is being introduced to the app as an “experiment” for now in the USA. However, like many features of this service, it will be tested by a narrow group of users for a certain period before eventually reaching the rest of the world – including Poland.

And if you are not interested in Google Maps, you can also take a look at the prices of popular car navigations. El texto no está disponible en español.


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