Twórcy Gothica wychodzą z cienia: “Nie ignorujcie nas”

Piranha Bytes has been owned by the behemoth known as Embracer Group for some time now. The Swedish giant acquired a number of development studios along with their respective brands, including Volition (known for Saints Row) and Crystal Dynamics (known for Tomb Raider). However, the gaming industry is currently facing a crisis, and the company has begun to close down these acquired studios one by one. Interestingly, the announcement was published in German, English, and… Polish!

As we read through the comments, there is no shortage of sympathy and well wishes. Only time will tell what lies ahead. Both in Poland and in our editorial team, there are many fans of Gothic, a game that has shaped generations of players. We are rooting for the “Piranhas” because, like many others, we hold a special place in our hearts for Gothic.


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