Military Events

Soldiers from Russia trying to disarm a landmine with a log. Something isn’t going well for them

The text contains advertising links from our partner. “Work as it should: one works as it should, the rest watch how it’s done” – this is a perfect summary of the actions of Russian soldiers visible in the video below.

They decided to get rid of anti-personnel mines they encountered during a journey through a Ukrainian forest. For this task, they delegated the bravest colleague and a hefty log.

The problem is that to detonate such a mine, you still need to hit it, which the aforementioned hero had an evident problem with. Ultimately, however, the mine gave in… sending quite a large wooden fragment into the air, miraculously causing no harm to anyone.

The above footage appeared on the Telegram service as one of several recordings of similar “sapper” feats by Russian soldiers.


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