BAE Systems Amphibious Combat Vehicle 30mm Cannon (ACV-30)

American Military Unveils a True Monster: Capable of Firing Up to 200 Rounds per Minute

The Amphibious Combat Vehicle 30mm Cannon (ACV-30) will allow the U.S. Marine Corps to more effectively track and attack targets than is currently possible with the systems in use. ACV-30, the third variant in the ACV vehicle family, has been designed and built since 2018.

According to Garrett Lacaillade, vice president of the amphibious line at BAE Systems, the vehicle has been innovated with the future in mind. “We have partnered with strategic allies […], to deliver not only incredibly lethal solutions, but also a vehicle and weapon system that has the potential for further development and adaptation of new solutions to overcome future threats,” he said, as quoted on the manufacturer’s website.

The vehicle is equipped with an advanced, stabilized remotely controlled medium-caliber turret produced by KONGSBERG. The system is not only effective for offensive purposes but can also be used for defensive tasks.

Additionally, it emphasizes maximum payload while ensuring adequate space for the crew. Unlike older versions, the ACV-30 was designed to increase the mobility of soldiers and the efficiency of their transport.

Military amphibians can successfully carry out operations both on land and in water. With a powerful remotely controlled cannon, it can attack targets up to 3 km away, firing up to 200 rounds per minute, according to

It is in the process of fulfilling a contract to design and develop the ACV Recovery (ACV-R) variant, which will provide direct ground support and maintenance for vehicles from the ACV family. *The text contains advertising links from our partner.



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