Realme C67

Realme C67 in stores. Specifications. Prices. Launch offer.

The text contains promotional links from our partner. First and foremost, it must be made clear that the smartphone entering Poland under the name Realme C67 is labeled in Realme’s offer as Realme C67 4G. In other markets, such as India, there is also the Realme C67 5G – a model supporting 5G networks, very similar to last year’s Realme 11 5G. Now… we can move on to the details of today’s news.

The smartphone’s casing perfectly fits the currently fashionable shapes, inspired by flat edges, a flat panel, and a flat screen akin to the iPhone’s. Both the back and sides of the device are made of plastic this time. Realme is generous with the RAM (6GB or 8GB, LPDDR4X), and storage capacity (128GB or 256GB). Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not officially disclose the type of glass protecting the screen from potential damage.

It is accompanied only by an additional module for scene depth analysis. The lack of even a basic wide-angle module is somewhat disappointing. The Realme C67 will be available in many stores starting today. In both cases, the prices will be reduced by 100 Polish złoty, to 899 złoty and 799 złoty respectively.

In this case, the cheaper edition of the smartphone looks quite interesting, although… it is also important to remember that at a similar price, we can find competing devices with better AMOLED screens, such as the Redmi Note 13 or the Samsung Galaxy A15. Below you can check their current prices.


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