Russian Air Force in Crimea

Russia amasses Su-30s in Crimea. We explain what they are capable of

The text discusses the gathering of the Russian Air Force in the occupied Crimea. According to information from the Telegram service, images of additional Su-30 fighters have been sent by partisan group agents, providing evidence of the buildup of Russian military forces in the region. While Russian technology may be lacking in terms of tanks when compared to Western counterparts, their aviation capabilities are formidable.

The Su-30 is a two-seat multirole fighter designed for air superiority in all weather conditions. It can also control airspace, block enemy airfields from a large distance, and conduct operations against ground and maritime targets. The aircraft is armed with a 30mm automatic cannon and can carry up to six medium-range air-to-air missiles.

Its maximum speed is approximately 1.8 Ma (over 2,000 km/h) and has a maximum flight altitude of over 17 km. Currently, India has the most Su-30 aircraft in operation, with over 260 in service, three times more than Russia.


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