Klarta Stor 2

“Six Months with an Air Purifier. Now I Know I Don’t Need It”

The text contains promotional links from our partner. In the world of tech enthusiasts, air purifiers have gained huge popularity. Many people praise their capabilities and point to an improvement in quality of life. I was curious whether the same would be true for me and if I would feel any change at all.

My air purifier arrived in August 2023 after several weeks of searching for the right model and browsing reviews online. Unfortunately, there is a huge problem with reliable air purifier tests, and relying on the manufacturer’s specifications isn’t a good idea either. Nevertheless, I opted for the quite popular and reasonably priced Klarta Stor 2, which has many supporters online. Setting it up, first turning it on, configuring it, and scheduling it went smoothly.

However, I must mention that the Stor 2 has quite specific settings in automatic mode, which for some people may be too loud – it was for me, so I changed the options to reduce the noise. The purifier responds very effectively to changes in air particles, especially when using deodorant or cooking. It doesn’t even mind that both activities are being done in different rooms. The app is convenient, although it may be lacking a bit compared to the world’s top apps.

Nonetheless, I could set everything in it that I wanted to modify, so there’s nothing to complain about. It displays data on temperature, air quality, humidity, and filter lifespan. Modes, settings, speed options, and scheduling – everything is in its place. Despite this, I have mixed feelings about using the air purifier.

It’s not even about this model, as I think it would be the same with other models. It doesn’t matter if I have an open window, what I’m doing at home, or how long the purifier hasn’t been turned on. Practically all the time, the air quality indicator ring is green, and I see another color maybe for a few seconds after turning it on. My perspective would probably be different if I had a cat or a dog, or if my apartment was right next to a busy street full of passing cars.

Luckily, I don’t have to consider any of these issues. Although the overall air quality in my small city is sometimes tragic, especially in the winter, apparently it’s much better in my region because the purifier doesn’t really have anything to purify. On the other hand, it’s worth considering these devices, especially if you’re an allergy sufferer, regardless of where you actually live. It’s hard for me to say if other products in this category would work better because unfortunately, this aspect is often overlooked in various reviews.

If I were to buy an air purifier again, I would probably buy a smaller and cheaper device that would only go to the bedroom. In my case, the practice shows that this type of solution is only moderately useful in other rooms, and I don’t really feel a big difference, except that the air in the room is not stagnant. We have prepared the proposed devices below, available in Polish stores for you. However, if you are in a similar situation to mine, I highly recommend borrowing them from a friend and testing them.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that installing filters often means removing protective films, returning the purifier to the store within the 14-day return period may not be easy or possible. Therefore, I do not recommend this type of testing.


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