Tworzenie gry “Epstein” opartej na niebezpiecznej wyspie. Oto, co wiemy.

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“Haha, because you know, the “dangerous” island called Epstein and its leader Jeffrey, who built a temple in the middle, hehe” – seem to think the creators of this production taken straight from a survival game generator, who only hooked up to the trendy topic lately. It is of course about the case of Jeffrey Epstein, who allegedly imprisoned and forced minors into prostitution on his private island, and also the recently revealed list of names of people who appeared on the mentioned island with Epstein. The creation of a game titled “Epstein”, set on the island of a certain Jeffrey, clearly suggests the theme. So will we pursue a human trafficking pimp? Will we explore the mysterious temple, uncovering the sect behind the kidnappings? Or perhaps the creators are going for full controversy and the player will embody one of the guests on this island? Well… none of that. It turns out that “Epstein” does not address the issue of human trafficking and child prostitution at all. Instead, we get a game about… zombies. Well, technically it’s about zombies and skeletons that feed on human blood. $1,400. The set includes a ready-made multiplayer system, character creation, combat system with animations, skill trees, building, fishing, resource gathering, enemy artificial intelligence, companion system with issuing commands, a quest system, minimap, interface, and many other things. You can check it yourself by comparing the images. This is what the Unreal Engine store screen looks like:
And this is the game “Epstein”:
Once again, the Unreal asset pack:
And once again, “Epstein”:
You can see the similarities, right? Nevertheless, the game is gaining some popularity because it is based on a controversial title. Will the work on it pay off? If we count $350 for the Unreal Engine asset package and add a few months of work, almost certainly.


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